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21/4/ · The Big Short. This film, based on Michael Lewis’ nonfiction book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, tells different stories of how to profit from the impending 4. Trading Places – This is a classic – watch it! Trading places movie is a fun and great story about a snobbish investor (Dan Aykroyd) and a wily street con artist (Eddie Murphy) who 12/4/ · Wall Street () The most popular and best movie about traders ever made. The story about a huge money desire and what ends an insider’s trading. The hero for thousands 28/3/ · Movies The House of Rothschild [] - overlord of international banking house Rollover [] Trading Places [] QuickSilver [] Wall Street [] Limit up [] An iconic film of its time from director Oliver Stone. It is the number one film about trading on the topic of brokers and trading on Wall Street according to viewers. Michael Douglas deservedly ... read more

In the film, you can see how the life values of the social strata of society differ and how relations develop between people. French drama with elements of light comedy. Gilles Lellouche the protagonist of this movie. Evan Danielson is a successful financial and economic analyst in the US stock market, played by the beloved actor Edie Murphy. It would seem that Evan found himself in the world of stock market intrigues, the clash of bulls and bears, and also billions of dollars constantly revolving around the financial centers of the United States like a tornado.

But one day, a calm and measured career as a market analyst gets a hole. This event makes Evan take a different look at his family. Leigh Winters, a former movie star, became the head of a petrochemical company after the mysterious death of her husband. In the conditions of a general stock exchange fever, she is like a child who has fallen into adulthood trying to manage this complex business structure.

But not having the proper financial and economic knowledge and experience, she entrusts to the expert on transactions on the stock exchange Hubbel Smith. Having personal feelings for Lee, he helps her run the company and helps save her business. This drama is notable primarily for its historical basis. The director was perfectly loyal to the atmosphere of the 80s when the energy crisis was raging throughout the financial world.

The film tells the story of Jack Casey trying to get rich by trading on the US stock market. After he takes a job as a broker, his trading rises and falls. A winning trade is followed by a losing one. But at one point, as a result of a large losing trade, he loses his entire deposit. But he does not stop there and borrows money from his father to continue trading.

However, he fails again, the investment is lost. The broker career is over. Dreams of wealth are not destined to come true. Thriller starring young Kevin Bacon. The main character, along with his five-year-old son, finds himself on the street due to the inability to pay more rent.

Working as a salesperson does not bring him enough livelihood. Once in the parking lot, he meets a wealthy stockbroker and after a short conversation decides to radically change his life.

Having got a job as an intern in a brokerage company, a man hopes to get a specialist position. However, it turns out that during the entire internship, which lasts six months, he will not be paid a salary, and at the end of this period he has yet to pass the exam for this position. Will the main character find a way out of this situation? An intense drama starring Will Smith and his son.

The plot keeps in suspense until the very end. The main message of the picture: Do not lose hope, fight, strive for your dream and everything will work out for you! The movie is based on a real-life experience that Christopher Gardner went through. The film is set in Chicago. Every day in the office, successful businessmen compete with each other to get new clients who want to buy the land. The company receives a large number of offers, some of which are extremely profitable.

Competition among employees is intensifying, they are ready to do anything for winning. The routine repeats itself day after day, and men no longer imagine that the situation can ever change.

Once robbers break into the office and steal important documents. All employees are immediately suspected. Everyone has a motive and everyone can be involved in what happened. The search for the culprit begins.

Criminal drama is a classic talk film. Each person has a well-written character. Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey fit perfectly into their roles, and Al Pacino was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

This film is not about brokers, it is about real estate traders, but that does not make it less interesting for traders like us. This film only indirectly concerns the work of a trader. The main role in the picture is played by Christian Bale, the character in his performance is the personification of businessmen from all over America. He is constantly looking after himself, always well dressed and in good physical shape.

A man communicates only with people from the upper strata of society and visits the most prestigious places. But this is only the visible side of his life. By his true nature, he is a cruel and sophisticated killer, ready to deal with everyone, including colleagues and business rivals.

The main characters in the film are complete opposites. One is Louis Winthorp III, who runs a massively profitable business for the richest Wall Street company.

The second is crook and street tramp Billy Ray Valentine, unhappy with the way life has dealt with him. What can they have in common? They would never have met if it had not been for one bet between two brothers, the owners of the company. The crux of the dispute: whether any rogue without proper education can run the company or not.

What happens if the main characters are swapped? A humorous picture from the 80s. Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, and Jamie Lee Curtis brilliantly performed their roles in this comedy.

The film had 2 Golden Globe nominations. The topic of the stock exchange is mentioned here partially only at the end of the film. A provincial guy comes to New York looking for work. By coincidence, he was appointed to the position of a clerk in one large company. As a result of the cunning plans of the board of directors, he becomes the head of the company, which ultimately drastically changes his life and the foundations of the company.

Light and pleasant comedic picture. The shares are mentioned here only in passing. Max is a brilliant mathematician. The essence of its existence is the search for a universal formula. Interested in his research, Wall Street analysts and people from the Jewish sect come to him. Analysts want to change the price of stocks to get rich, while others want to rule the world. Max is periodically tormented by attacks, hallucinations, and headaches, but he wants to get to the bottom of the truth himself, without outside help, because the formula is his goal.

Black and white film from director Darren Aronofsky. The film genre can be described as a dramatic thriller with elements of fantasy and detective. Cinema is definitely not for a mass audience. But if you decide to watch, then watch the picture to the end. A fortunate London stock exchange swindler named Max receives news that his uncle has passed away and left him an estate in Provence.

Max is forced to interrupt his active work and come to France to get rid of a house with a vineyard. On the way, he meets a pretty cyclist, accidentally knocking her over on the road, and also realizes that other people besides him are claiming this estate. Max has to stay. Gradually, childhood memories come back to him. He realizes that this area and surroundings are the complete opposite of his life in London.

Max is surrounded by peace and quiet, which he lacks in the big city behind the bustle of brokerage. The lead role is played by Oscar-winning Australian actor Russell Crowe.

The topic of trading in the film is touched upon formally and takes about ten minutes of screen time. Recommended for viewing. Lawrence Garfield is the Wall Street shark of capitalism. He is grasping, energetic, and used to getting his way. Behind him is more than a dozen bankrupt corporations. He is known to those around him as Larry the Liquidator.

The essence of the existence of his business is the purchase of unprofitable companies, followed by crushing and resale for the purpose of self-enrichment. Once again, he is going to crank up his shenanigans with one plant owned by an eighty-year-old man who is hardly capable of repelling such a young competitor.

To somehow resist the insidious liquidator, the old man resorts to the help of his daughter — a charming lawyer girl. A fierce struggle flares up between her and Larry, not only the fate of the company is at stake, not only the ambitions of people who are not used to losing but also the fate of their personal relationships.

An adventurous comic film starring Danny DeVito, which does not particularly stand out for its ingenious direction, beautiful music, or high ratings. But if you are at least a little interested in the topic of money and business, then this film is recommended for viewing. The film introduces us to Sherman, a successful Wall Street broker.

He has literally everything: a high-paying job, money, an apartment in Park Lane, and a family. He also has a mistress, with whom he accidentally ends up on a dark street in the South Bronx. From that moment on, everything in his life completely changes. The genre of the film can be described as a mixture of drama and comedy with a touch of satire.

Despite the excellent cast of Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, and Morgan Freeman, the film received five Golden Raspberry nominations and was critically acclaimed. Even if the plot is not about trading, as such, it is worth seeing the picture. The main character of the picture lives and works in New York as an ordinary secretary.

She does not look after her appearance, dresses tastelessly, and does not know how to conduct business communication. But her dream is to achieve career growth and get a high position. Without hesitation, the heroine takes her place, contacts a stockbroker, and makes an important deal. When the boss recovers and arrives at the office, she finds out that the place has already been taken.

The film is a kind of movie that combines elements of drama and comedy. A fairy tale for adults in the style of the 80s.

Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, and Sigourney Weaver starred. The film was nominated for an Oscar in six categories, although it took only one statuette for the best song. The picture also received four Golden Globes. Released in: User Rating: IMDB 4. The film tells us about the life of businesswoman Brenda Baxter. She goes to the gym, keeps fit, has an interest in the stock price of large corporations, and is a brilliant executive.

Brenda is married to an older man but has long forgotten how to love. She completely devotes her life to work, she has everything under control, every step is carefully thought out. By coincidence, at the sports complex, Brenda meets a young guy who tries to flirt with her but gets rejected. She gives up and they have a passionate romance. An old, low-budget Italian drama centered on the story of a woman. There are no famous actors in the picture, there are many erotic scenes.

As you might guess, the topic of the stock market is not in the first place here. Jack Ryan, an ordinary CIA analyst, is assigned to come to Moscow to complete a simple task: he needs to check the operations of a company owned by a Russian oligarch. Ryan finds out that the business of the company is being done dirty, for which they are trying to kill him. To save his life, he is forced to defend himself, recalling skills from the days of the army. An experienced intelligence officer and a distrustful wife, who flew to the capital of Russia for her husband, comes to his aid.

As the plot progresses, it becomes clear that the United States is facing a terrorist attack and an economic attack on Wall Street. Now the main characters need to prevent a catastrophe at any cost.

This film is probably the only one from our top, shot in the genre of an action movie. The topic of trading is, of course, not covered here, but the action is enough as well as the famous actors. The reviews from critics are not very satisfactory, so first, we recommend watching the trailer and reading the reviews to decide whether to watch the movie with popcorn.

The film is set in Manhattan. The protagonist, Eric, is a year-old multibillionaire financier and CEO of a large international company. He drives his limousine through the main streets of the city and has numerous dialogues with his employees.

In life, he only cares about delicious food, women, and currency fluctuations. The film takes place in 24 hours, during which he loses everything due to a devastating mistake on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The film, directed by David Cronenberg the creator of the old horror movie The Fly , received conflicting reviews and low ratings.

There is practically no musical accompaniment in the picture; it is replaced by dialogues. The genre can be described as a drama with elements of the art house. Not every viewer will like this picture, although the topic of the exchange is partially touched upon here. Released in: User Rating: IMDB 2. Jeff gets a new job at one of the richest and most respected firms in Manhattan. The company employs young and handsome stockbrokers, they make a lot of money.

When Jeff discovers the real secret of their success, he realizes that it will not be easy for him to leave now.

The topic of Wall Street traders is only touched upon in the first part of the film, for this reason, we still included it in the list. Further, the plot develops in the direction of the wolf brotherhood and werewolves, with all the ensuing problems. A multi-part feature film about the confrontation between Bobby Axelrod, a wealthy financier from the heart of Wall Street, and Federal Attorney Chuck Rhodes.

The case, which began as a simple investigation, gradually develops into a blood feud between the heroes. The main theme of the series is how far a person can go in pursuit of the American dream of making a lot of money. Intellectual drama from Showtime will not appeal to all viewers, perhaps the plot will seem drawn out and boring to you.

But if you are interested in US financial markets, nimble stock speculators, along with an abundance of bed scenes and BDSM hangouts, then give the series a shot.

The series has a very high viewer rating. Newcomer Blair is looking for a job on Wall Street. Well-known companies like Morgan Stanley turn him down and the protagonist is hired by a small outrageous brokerage firm of Maurice Monroe, an African-American trader with a controversial reputation.

The series allows the viewer to enjoy the aesthetics of the 80s, remember aspects of that time, listen to slang and music from the past. The series is a comedy with a lot of interesting dialogue. There are also dramatic moments in it. The series is about the most famous financial street in the world — Wall Street. A documentary series with elements of a reality show: rigged conflicts, protracted monologues of participants, etc.

The first season tells about the formation of seven project participants including the famous coach-trainer in the CIS — Alexander Gerchik , their history, and life experience. Invited analysts and journalists to evaluate the actions of the heroes.

As a result, the series received positive ratings from viewers, but the second season was filmed with the involvement of professional actors, which is slightly inconsistent with the genre of the documentary.

The series ran for three seasons and closed in This project is a British reality show created during the financial crisis. There is an opinion that only trained professionals in their field can trade on the stock exchange. Lex van Dam, manager of a hedge fund Hampstead Capital, decided to test this claim through an experiment. The group included: salesman, military man, engineer, veterinarian, ecologist, student, MMA promoter, and teacher.

The project consists of three series. This experiment allows you to look from the outside at the trading exchange and the work of traders in the stressful conditions of the real market. A documentary mini-series consisting of three episodes describing the events of the global crisis. The film touches on the topic of financial losses of private investors, the collapse of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers, and other equally important economic events of that year.

The film is based on the reasoning of politicians, financial figures, and scientists about the root causes of this financial catastrophe. We see the main message of the film in the fact that history is cyclical and often tends to repeat itself, one should not forget the mistakes of the past and be prepared for possible, similar troubles in the future. Highly rated documentary series consisting of 8 episodes. The history of the series takes place in America after the end of the Civil War and continues its story until the beginning of the twentieth century.

The series tells the story of the biographies of such successful entrepreneurs and financiers as John Pierpont Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie. The project uses a variety of actors and sets, the atmosphere of this period is perfectly recreated by the team of the History channel. With the help of a voice-over, the project will tell about the people and factors that had a direct impact on the economy and the lives of ordinary citizens, making the United States the country we know now.

A six-part documentary series about the impact of money on society and the development of the world economy. This project is presented by Neil Ferguson, Ph. and graduate economist, professor at Harvard University, and is based on his book. Neil will talk about the main directions of development, typical for various sectors of the economy, express his thoughts and interviews with different people: economists, activists, ordinary workers, etc.

The topic of the trading exchange is not touched upon in this series, but we still decided to include them in the list for general information and broadening our horizons.

Paul Tudor Jones is the main character of the film, a successful trader of the 20th century. It should be noted that the film was shot quite naturally. The presentation of the events we observe is surprising — it is very lively. Capturing the deals that the protagonist and his colleague, Peter Borish, are making.

The heroes are happy to pass on their experience to the audience, which is very rare. Paul Tudor Jones believes that charity has helped him achieve such success in the market. And luck was accompanied by the fact that Paul shared his wealth with others. It is also necessary to mention another component of the success of the protagonist — this is the ability to accept their losses.

In this documentary, we are talking about one large US corporation — Enron. The story of its fall is told through interviews with people who are associated with this company — these are managers, analysts, and others. This collapse brought about financial dramas and had a huge impact on the fate of people. Quite a few famous personalities, here are some of them: Emanuel Derman nickname — Einstein of Wall Street — financial analyst; Paul Wilmott is a textbook author and advises traders not to get carried away with numbers.

Now at the faculty, at Columbia University, future quanta are acquiring knowledge. But 40 years ago, very few people knew this concept — it was used only in a specialized environment. Most of the film is devoted to interviews with participants in those events, some of them remain anonymous.

Part of the rest of the time is devoted to formulas. The filmmakers show the mathematics of finance from a different angle. Exchange pit is a slang name that characterizes the place where trades take place. The characters are people from among traders.

Their interview will help to understand the structure of exchange trading, as well as assess possible difficulties and prospects. Through time, you can see the impact of progress on the functioning of the trading floor and how the advent of computers changed the principle of market analysis.

This film immerses us in the reality of the New York Stock Exchange. Traders talk about their activities, their specifics, positive and negative aspects of trading. Director Joanna Lee came up with the idea to shoot this picture in the wake of how she was an assistant to one of her friends on the stock exchange.

She was so captured by this incredible rhythm of trading that she could not help making this film. By the way, Joanna is the first director who got access to everything that happens on the stock exchange.

Interviews are taken not only with experienced traders but also with those who have just begun to learn this way. Over the past 10 years, shares of many Chinese companies have become available on the exchanges of the United States of America. Many individuals in the United States invest their funds in them. But, as it turned out, most Chinese companies are in conspiracy with US investment banks, and their income is unnecessarily inflated.

New York brokers take up this gamble. From the film, you will learn what difficulties they had to face. The global economic downturn has caused several million people to lose their jobs and homes. In its overall presentation and the contents, it is one of the best movies on Forex trading and not Forex trading. It will galvanize many and has made many want to trade for all the wrong reasons, but we still recommend it.

Just watch out — it is three hours long, even if it is action and beauty packed. Directed by Oliver Stone and featuring Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, and Charlie Sheen before he went crazy. The performance in the film earned Michael Douglas an Academy Award, so yes, it is definitely worth watching just because it is a good movie. But beyond that, the film explores in depth what Wall Street trading looks like. It tries to portray the type of people who are drawn to trading in both positive and negative lights, with those who are driven by greed shown to be what they truly are.

The film explores insider trading, how easy it is to be tempted by large sums of money. You will see the trading floors enough while being kept on your toes by adrenaline throughout the entire film. The themes covered within this film definitely make it one of the top movies for Forex traders. This movie was directed by Ben Younger and has a star-studded cast featuring Vin Diesel, Ben Affleck, Giovanni Ribisi, and many more impressive actors.

Ask around the block and you will find many an aspiring broker who has loved this movie with the entirety of their heart for years now. Well, because it offers the viewer an important and incredibly interesting story. The film follows the main character, who decides to get a job as a broker and on his journey to becoming incredibly rich, at all costs.

The film explores the thin line that lies between morality, decency and the unbridled pursuit of riches. The high-speed action, the incredible wealth and the fun of the film have inspired any a person to try and participate in the world of trading.

This inspiring nature is what makes Boiler Room one of the best movies for traders in Forex or otherwise, while also keeping it as one of the best movies about business, in general. Directed by Michael Glyn, this is a documentary film about Paul Tudor Jones II, one of the most legendary traders to have ever lived.

This is one of our favorite Forex movies for beginners that we ever recommend to those who ask. The reason is simple: it talks about the man who made millions of dollars trading Futures and Forex. The documentary follows Paul Tudor Jones II, describing his life, sensibilities and the way he works, while tracking and exploring how complex and fast moving the world of trading is.

All of this takes place right before the market crash of , offering an outlook on the market and the world that is rarely seen or captured by fictional films of the time.

It is a great and a short watch for all those interested. Paul Tudor Jones II is one of the most important traders and hedge fund managers alive today. This man, in many ways, defined the way the market works today, by how he acted and how he traded throughout the years. No wonder this is one of the most important movies to see. He is the ower of Tudor Group, one of the largest investment funds out there. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from him as well.

Directed by Charles Ferguson and received as one of the best documentaries to have been made about the market meltdown, and one of the best trading documentaries period, this one is a must watch.

The Inside Job explores the world of trading in , specifically the trading that led to the crash, the trading that was happening during it and the trading that took place afterward. It starts a conversation with all the businessmen who made money and lost it upcoming and during It explores the effects, the corruption and the details of trading that happened.

It is an uncompromising look at the problems that the industry faces while getting directly in the face of those who operate in it. It is definitely one of the best stock trading movies out there and if you have not done so yet, you should put it on your schedule of movies to watch. Not all the items listed here are movies.

The Wall Street Warriors is not a movie for sure, neither is it a short documentary. It is actually a documentary series following the work of some of your average wall street traders. It has three seasons, with two-year intervals, and documents all of the real-life crazy that actually happens on wall street and the trading puts around the world.

Within the episodes of this series, viewers will be able to see how the people in the industry actually operate, the jobs they actually have, the way they think and work and the way they lead their lives on a daily basis. It is not a glamorized look at wall street, as some of the top trading movies mentioned before are, but it is a realistic look.

It allows you to see the day to day of being a trader and understand why they do and how they do the things they do. Despite the lack of glamour, the series is still able to capture the amount of adrenaline, aggression, and energy that goes into living and working on Wall Street. If you are an aspiring trader or if you want to know what trading is like, those are the movies that you should go ahead and watch right now.

looking for the all of the energy without the exhaustion of Wall Street, these are the movies you should be watching on your day off. These are some of the most enjoyable films the industry has to offer, while also being honest and close looks at the world of trading. We highly recommend them, as we love them so much. Stay up to date with the financial markets everywhere you go. Trade the Bitcoin and altcoins at the most advanced web trading platform with a regulated broker.

Home - Forex Education broken down into useful sections - Forex Basics - 7 must watch trading movies. Must-watch trading movies The movies below are going to make the world of trading seem very attractive.

With this post, we would like to touch upon the topic of cinema and talk about films dedicated to trading. We have collected a huge selection of 63 films and TV series. Unfortunately, we could not find films about Forex, so this TOP of movies is more related to the topic of the stock and derivatives markets, finance, trading on the stock exchange, and the economic crisis. In order not to mix everything into a common heap, we divided the list into four sections. It is worth considering that we tried to find the most complete collection of tapes in one post and not all of these films are our recommendation for viewing.

For a better understanding, we have compiled a short description, and also attached the rating value and links to the IMDB site to each movie. Released in: User Rating: IMDB 8.

We are more than sure that this film was watched by many traders, both beginners and more experienced. If, for some reason, you have not yet seen this masterpiece — be sure to fill the gap, because the film was nominated for an Oscar five times. The film is based on a book by the former owner of a large company, D. Do not expect the film to reveal trade secrets, they are not there.

You will see a rather defiant lifestyle of the protagonist, who quickly became rich thanks to his persistent communication with clients. He threw all sorts of parties, used drugs, and entered into relationships with representatives of the ancient profession. All this continues exactly as long as the FBI agent is not interested in the activities of the protagonist. The film tells us about a small Wall Street broker named Bud Fox.

He has a lot of debt, lives in a rented room on the outskirts of town, drives a cheap motorcycle, and has no career prospects in his company. But he has the potential and the drive to be successful at any cost. This sets Bud apart from the people in his everyday social circle. By a fortunate coincidence, the hero asks for an audience with Gordon Gekko, a successful broker and cunning tycoon in the market with over 20 years of experience.

This short meeting completely changes the fate of the guy. Further, we will not reveal the storyline so as not to spoil the experience. An iconic film of its time from director Oliver Stone. It is the number one film about trading on the topic of brokers and trading on Wall Street according to viewers. Michael Douglas deservedly received an Oscar for Best Actor. Released in: User Rating: IMDB 6. More than twenty years later, Oliver Stone is shooting a wonderful continuation of his picture.

The same characters and a similar plot, shown a little from the other side. The corporate raider Gekko, released from prison, finds himself in a completely unusual world. His methods cease to work, and his reputation is no longer the same. Although the young trader Jacob preferred to take him as his partner.

They agree: Jacob helps Gekko to make peace with his daughter, and Gekko, in turn, helps to raise Jacob to the top of financial success. Released in: User Rating: IMDB 7. The action of the picture begins in from the very beginning of the inception of the crisis. Assuming that this will happen very soon, everyone is in a hurry to get their benefit from it. trading by opening a short position, selling in a falling market.

A rather specific financial product is involved in this game — a credit default swap, a derivative instrument like futures or options. The film is based on real events described in the book by the writer and former trader Michael Lewis, who specializes mainly in the topic of finance, using a lot of documentary material in his works.

The cast of the first magnitude is impressive: Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carell perfectly coped with the role of people who believed in the possibility of a mortgage real estate collapse, contrary to the popular opinion.

All of these actors were nominated for an Oscar in former times, and Bale and Pitt have already decorated their shelves with a figurine. The film won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. So, the film is a must-see for anyone interested in trading topics. A young trader from England gets a job at a bank to keep track of assets and trade on the stock exchange at the same time.

Blinded by his success, he makes several serious mistakes and loses a lot of money. To hide this, the hero comes up with a shady enterprise. The film was based on real events described in the memoirs of Nick Leeson, a former trader at Barings Bank, who went bankrupt during the Asian financial crisis. The movie shows how, playing against the general market decline and overloading positions in the derivatives market, they ruin a bank with more than two hundred years of history.

An interesting fact: it was the traders who made the biggest losses on the exchange, trading options, and futures. Film of the late s. The main role was played by the still young Ewan McGregor. A film with a simple scenario, but good implementation. It is definitely recommended for all traders and portfolio managers. The protagonist Seth Davis is a cheater who organizes an illegal casino in his house. One fine day, a casino visitor invites Seth to work in a broker office, where his salary is several times higher than his current income.

Seth starts earning a lot. But high earnings are achieved through fraud in the financial brokerage world. The actors who played their roles remarkably: the emotional Giovanni Ribisi, the charismatic Vin Diesel, and others — will definitely leave a pleasant impression after watching this film. A classic story about how quickly you get used to a beautiful life. A young and promising careerist Brian gets a job at Enron as a trader, quickly learns, and also quickly gets rich. Things are going uphill — parties in the office, the purchase of a luxury car and other material goods, life is adjusted.

But gradually everything changes and as a result, by the fall of the company declared itself bankrupt. The feed shows how these events affected the shareholders and loyal employees who remained in it until the end. The film is set in September , at the height of the global economic crisis.

An ordinary bank trader with the help of the latest analysis program receives data that the stock market will inevitably collapse and the company will go bankrupt. Senior management is immediately aware of the dire prospect that lies ahead of them: to quickly get rid of stocks to extract at least some money, or open the truth to investors and lose everything. There is no information directly about trading in the film, it is about a corporation. There is an opinion that the plot of the film frivolously presents to the viewer the fate of the investment bank Lehman Brothers.

The film is played by famous and not so famous actors from the USA and Great Britain, whose play is simply pleasant to watch. The Wizard of Lies is a biographical crime drama about Bernie Madoff, a con man who for many years ran the largest pyramid scheme under the guise of an investment company. As befits any pyramid — it came to an end and Bernie first confessed to his family that his business was a complete lie. Relatives, amazed by this news, passed this information on to the authorities.

This film is not for those who are waiting for an interesting denouement, action, or even the disclosure of the soul of the protagonist, it is about the experiences within the family because Bernie dragged all his family and friends into a difficult situation. Stars such as Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer played the main roles. The picture is recommended for viewing, at least to understand that all financial pyramids must be avoided.

Original name: Duet min gam Released in: User Rating: IMDB 6. Crime and life drama are straight from Hong Kong. The general background of the film is the collapse of the global financial economy, the stock market, and the market default in Greece.

There is no protagonist or antagonist in this picture. In the center of the plots are several overlapping stories of different people: a policeman trying to arrange his life; a bank manager who has to force a high-risk mutual fund on people to fulfill a plan; families of gangsters, problem-solving gangster families looking for money; a financial broker trying to capitalize on price movements.

Pleasant acting, the abundance of characters, and storylines do not cause boredom when watching this movie. The film is not a masterpiece of cinema, but it can add variety to you and show the Asian flavor in all its manifestations.

The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Christophe Barratier is a French filmmaker who made this film about the reverse side of trading at one of the largest financial conglomerates — Société Générale. The story of the rise and fall of the trader of this bank, Jerome Kerviel, as a result of which, the company suffered damage of just under five billion euros. The film is set during the global crisis. The young man quickly becomes a successful trader in a well-known investment bank.

Even though his present life is not like his past, he begins to move away from himself — failure is not possible. Little-known Dutch drama on a modest budget. Release in: User Rating: IMDB 6. Actor David Wenham is assigned the lead role in this film — a programmer working in a banking environment. The hero is faced with a difficult choice — to join the team of a mercenary bank manager or to maintain his independence. Original name: Le sucre Released in: User Rating: IMDB 6.

French film, filmed in the genre of drama and crime. This movie is more than forty years old, but it does not lose its value and is quite interesting. You get great pleasure from the wonderful play of the main characters Jean Carme and Gerard Depardieu.

Both actors were nominated for a Cesar. The film about the stock exchange, more precisely about the machinations on it. Adrien, the spouse of the pharmacy owner, decides to play on the commodity exchange at the expense of his wife. Naive Adrien entered into an adventurous game, he was even lucky for a while. Released in: User Rating: IMDB 5.

The Best Movies For Forex Traders (and TV Shows!),Wall Street (1987)

28/3/ · Movies The House of Rothschild [] - overlord of international banking house Rollover [] Trading Places [] QuickSilver [] Wall Street [] Limit up [] An iconic film of its time from director Oliver Stone. It is the number one film about trading on the topic of brokers and trading on Wall Street according to viewers. Michael Douglas deservedly 21/4/ · The Big Short. This film, based on Michael Lewis’ nonfiction book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, tells different stories of how to profit from the impending 4. Trading Places – This is a classic – watch it! Trading places movie is a fun and great story about a snobbish investor (Dan Aykroyd) and a wily street con artist (Eddie Murphy) who 12/4/ · Wall Street () The most popular and best movie about traders ever made. The story about a huge money desire and what ends an insider’s trading. The hero for thousands ... read more

If you are wondering how to put together a solid trading plan for trading Forex for others, I recommend you grab my FREE One-Page Trading Plan Template. Robert Miller — charismatic and brilliant financial wheeler-dealer and good lover. I want to make this list of the best movies for Forex traders even better in the future! Apparently, there are some restrictions or settings that do not allow this. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. What would life look like, if the fortune smiled upon a fraudster rookie trader one day? He realizes that this area and surroundings are the complete opposite of his life in London.

The film turned out to be so inspiring, that made many young people start work on Wall Street. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. If you are looking for a film for tonight, pay attention to this movies about trading forex. A big conspiracy of imposing investment firms that bet against American people and their places for living. Setting up EAs on MT4 and MT5. Having personal feelings for Lee, he helps her run the company and helps save her business.